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OFFF Barcelona

OFFF is a design conference/festival that hosts a number of important speakers in the design community. There was a call for entries for one of the exhibits to showcase the name of their city in an interesting typographic way in gif format. The exhibit would be on display on a table during the duration of the conference.

My role was to challenge my skills in typography to come up with something that I felt was appropriate for the exhibition.


The Challenge

The colors were inspired by Spain's' national flag. Since red is a universal attention grabbing color I knew that would grab the eye. Since OFFF was a well known design conference, I wanted to capture a part of that creative energy that would be in that building. I tried to push the limits of what was legible and readable with letter-form shapes, then clarify them with a hint of rigidity that accurately tells the viewers what the letter-form is. So, almost tip-toeing the line between too much and just enough.

I also kept the negative spacing and alignment with a grid. This allowed me to have the word "Barcelona" appear phonetically appear without the letters feeling randomized. I had a blast working on this project, and look forward for more fun things like this.


A couple images and videos from OFFF Barcelona event.